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I can even connect you with other shop owners I know to help with buying Jeans, T-shirt, Shoes, Bags, Watches, etc

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Based on the Feedback of  Numerous Happy International Clients, I am happy to announce that I have transformed from a single tailoring shop to become more of a personal shopping/ tailor. I am no longer renting a store front in LouHu, so those saving can be passed onto you.

I still will do custom suits, dresses, jackets and other apparel from my private shop outside of LouHu, but now, I will personally walk you through the fabric market to help you hand pick the best materials, as well as, I can help you find other incredible bargains like handbags, shoes, wallets, jewelry in other parts of the mall.  Please contact me ASAP at and reserve a time slot, so I can best serve you.